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We specialise in rich-media content and human-centered design.

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Practical Strategies

Knowing where you want to get to and how you are going to get there is important in any business or organisation of any size. We set personal goals in life, so why wouldn't we set clear goals in business?

Actually, most businesses do have goals. The hard part is usually working out how to achieve those goals. Forward thinking and seeing clearly what path(s) and actions to take in the future can be both challenging and daunting.

We work with you to first understand, define and clarify your goals. And based on these, together we define an approach and set of actions, focused on your goals, that match the most optimal solutions with the outcomes you expect.

Products include: Strategy papers, Discussion documents, High-level plans and Options analysis.


Being lovers of travel and exploring the world, we know that the journey is more important than arriving at the destination. We believe strongly that this is also true in business.

How your people feel about their work and the role they perform in your business is directly related to how well they perform, and their contribution towards your business goals. The same can be said for the experience your customers have when they contact you and buy your products or services. If we want customers to keep coming back, we must make sure they enjoy their experience dealing with us. That includes how simple and easy it is to find information, how straight forward your sales process is as well as the quality of your after sales and ongoing customer care.

Humans are increasingly interacting in a digital-enabled world. That's why we design and build digital solutions centred around the optimal experience you want your teams and customers to have.

Products include: user experience analysis, customer insight analysis, user profiles and journey maps.


In so many ways, we live life by design. The homes we live in, the sports we play and the clothes we wear are all examples of design work in action, and we see in these how design is much more than simply colours, fonts and styles. The enduring theme in design is your experience.

Great design can not only make you feel good, it can inspire and it can motivate. Translate that into a workplace or your business, where people engage and interact, and great design make the difference in smooth operations and seamless service. It can make the difference in your staff understanding new concepts and absorbing new information. And, it can mean you attract and retain new customers, rather than confuse and deter them.

Building on from your goals and the experience you want your staff and customers to have, we create designs that inspire and engage, while grounding them in what makes you and your business unique.

Products include: Website design wireframes, rich-media design for web, app and offline digital solutions including presentations, information portal design, documentation and workflow optimisation. As well as design for traditional media, print and events.

Paul Lee-Maynard

So you have an idea that you want to become a reality, or you need that extra creative input to stimulate innovation, work with your teams to help realise their potential or optimise the service your customers receive.

No matter what your business challenge, large or small, we are here to help you.

If you are looking for creative business solutions, get in touch. We guarantee you’ll be happy you did.

Principal, Humano Digital


Joomla CMS

Joomla! is an award-winning content management system (CMS) that is used to build stunning Web sites and powerful online applications.

Because Joomla! is an open source solution, it is freely available, which helps to bring costs down. The platform is extensible, meaning a wide variety of functions and features are available that can be combined together to create a powerful feature-rich site that your teams and customers will want to use. And more importantly, that will help your business operate more effectively and at a price that won't break the bank.

Humano Digital are skilled developers of Joomla!-based websites and have the expertise to create a feature-rich, functional website that showcases your business. We transition knowledge to your teams so the site can be maintained with the minimum technical knowledge required. Where more technical and advanced support is required, we also provide ongoing administrative services.


Having a clear identity is an important element in building cohesive teams and customers knowing who you are and what your business stands for. It all starts with having a clearly defined sense of purpose.

We work with you and your teams to connect your brand with your company culture building a strongly connected workforce, whose identity is embraced by the whole organisation.

Solutions include logo design, brand and design guides, brand awareness campaigns,  internal marketing and cultural change.

User Experience Design

Your business is unique. Your workforce is shaped by the products and services offered to your customers in potentially many varied markets, countries and local cultures. Understanding this uniqueness and the experience your customers have when they buy your products and services, delivered by your teams, is key.

We place your customers central to the design of any solution, shaping the design around the optimal experience your business offers to customers.

Delivering that optimal customer experience is not just dependant on great visual design though. We join the dots to make sure the workflow works smoothly from start to finish. So you can be sure your teams can also deliver that optimal experience for your customers.

Digital Design

We offer accelerated design services to get your new website or newly crafted content published quickly.

Using the latest digital toolset, complemented by our specialist design skills we also create designs from concept to reality that reflect your business and the values you embrace.

Recognising we are increasingly consuming information through digital devices such as smart phones and tablets when away from our desks, we ensure our digital designs adapt to not only your working environment but also that of your customers, and the external people you engage with through your digital channels.

Content Creation

We understand how businesses can be dynamic, ever changing, and how hard it can be to keep your teams and customers up to speed with changes. Whether you've a new product to shout about, you're changing how your teams work or how you deliver great service to your customers, getting this information written, and written well, can be a challenge.

Your people are your experts in what you do and the service you provide. But sometimes, you just don't have the capacity or the necessary skills to create the right content, that will get your important message across.

This is where we can help you. We are experienced in technical writing (writing procedures, to explain new instructions for your teams) and copywriting and editing, crafting information that humans can more easily find and understand. We help you get your message through.

Rich Media

Words and language hold a valuable place in our communication, and when crafted perfectly, can be a potent form for conveying your message. The spoken or written word alone though may not suit all messages, the audience or the response you need.

At Humano Digital we appreciate that we have a range of senses, so we harness the power of all forms of communication to convey new concepts, ideas and to share information that should be tailored for your audience(s) and channels.

We create visual aids in traditional 2D formats such as posters, flyers and handouts. We also create multi-media content incorporating photo-imagery, video and sound that your customers and teams will truly engage with through your digital channels.

Content Architecture

Ever found yourself getting tied up in knots trying to read a broadsheet newspaper - folding the paper up into a smaller size so you can hold it in one hand, or better still, just taking out the section of interest to you at that time? Sound familiar?

We've so much information to get through in a day, that how this is structured, written and compiled is so important, so that we can just handle it. Humans tend to cope better when dealing with 'bite size chunks' of information at a time.

At Humano Digital we are skilled at not only writing content and editing it to suit your message, audience and channel, we also know how to structure and present large volumes of information (content) so it can be searched for and found in a flash. And having created a large amount of content, you'll want a simple and efficient way to manage this, to keep it current and up to date and relevant for the future.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO has a bit of a reputation for being, well, a little 'mystical'. In fact, making sure your website can be found by potential customers or even new talent who want to be part of your teams, is not only critical, but requires dedicated knowledge, skills and focus.

It would be fair to think that by publishing your website on the internet, that everyone you want to be aware of it, will easily find you. That is rarely the case. The volume of websites on the internet, some of which could be your competitors, means raising the profile of your site and helping to make others aware of it is a vital investment.

We know that it is necessary to get the foundations right at the very start, when developing and launching a new site. That's why we build this in to our digital design process. But it's not a one-off tick-box exercise. SEO requires ongoing focus to keep you ahead of the pack.

Fine-Tuning Workflow

In practically every business, there is method in what is done. This method may simply be based on knowledge obtained through training or education or derived through experience. No matter how big or small your business is, knowing what method you take that gives you a desired outcome or result, is important. Particularly if you want to get the same outcome/result for say, another customer.

Transforming a method into a repeatable workflow, will most certainly require some form of documentation to record the steps and training or communication to explain and share the workflow with others.

As your business evolves, perhaps grows, you will potentially need to adapt and evolve your workflows to suit the changing market, changes in systems or products and services offered. Humano Digital are experts in supporting your business through growth and change, shaping and fine-tuning your processes so you are prepared to face your business challenges head on.

Information Portals

Do you have information you need to share within your business, or make available to your customers? A regular brochure-style website may be a suitable option. However, if there is a large amount of information or the content is especially complex, a different approach may be needed to design and build the website that will contain this.

An information portal delivers content (which may be in various formats) tailored to suit the audience. The design reflects the diversity of use and re-use and places search, retrieval, maintenance, archiving and security at it's core.

At Humano Digital, we harness our complete range of solutions and expertise to create information portals that put know-how in the hands of your people, customers and those who need it fast.

Ever feel like your message just isn't getting through?

Be creative. Humano Digital.